What was your favorite CMJ show???

CMJ was sweet…. What were your favorite shows? Please comment with your picks!

Here is a short list of Planet Rump’s favorites:

Tuesday @ Elle Lounge- Kap10 Kurt really knew how to spank our ear drums w/their synths turned from STUN to KILL

Bad Brilliance‘s potentially hostile takeover turned into a coup without bloodshed (the blurry photos tell all) -thanks Tayisha Busay Dancers!

Friday- in the back room of an Italian restaurant in Flatiron Will Sheridan stole our hearts and repaid us in sweat (guest star- Nasty Ness!)

The Quiet Color ‘anti-CMJ’ show at Market Hotel brought the freshness- even MIA came out to support Sleighbells that night (MIA photo w/Miss Strawberry)