"Funky in the Street" music video is HERE!

The day we’ve been waiting for is HERE! We are so incredibly happy to share our first music video with you. Made DIY-style in Brooklyn, NY by a group of extremely talented friends and fellow musicians/artists/creators, we are finally ready to share our baby with the universe. This video is dedicated to GEORGE CLINTON: Please land the mothership in Brooklyn! THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Enjoy, share and spread the FUNK!

Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Joe Colmenero. Edited by Tessa Greenberg (of Tayisha Busay). Post-production and 3D animation by Grier Dill (of Great Tiger). Cameos by Zuzuka Poderosa, Suspicious Package, Jillian Lanier, Lorant, Tayisha Busay, Great Tiger and The Queen of Williamsburg. Also starring David Sherman, Gregorio Hernandez, Lloyd T. Miller, Linh Truong, Oona McCarthy, Gene Grady, Liz Galimore and Zach Fisher. Choreography by Hayley Sunshine, Tocci and Planet Rump. Set production by Planet Rump. Big thanks to Ray, Joe and the RZA.