Only 1 week left to support the Bio-Pop movement with Suspicious Package!

Emily & Ashlynn of Suspicious Package are FUNraising for a great project on Kickstarter. They are producing a video for their next Bio-Pop single, “Bird of Prey,” featuring live falcons trained by Mike Dupuy, a raptor specialist. With infectious and inspiring music, these ladies are inviting us to dance and celebrate the vast and beautiful bio-diversity of Earth.

Check out their videos below and contribute what you can! Spread the word for a better world.

Suspicious Package’s 1st Bio-Pop video, “Hummingbird”

Kickstarter video proposal for “Bird of Prey” video

From Emily of Suspicious Package:

Following your dreams takes determination, forward thinking, and humility. And sometimes it takes asking everyone you know to throw down a few bucks for the cause.

We only have 9 days left to FUNraise for creating a crucial Bio-Pop piece, and you can get neato prizes if you pledge some support. If you can even spare $5, it would mean so much to us in moving forward with our art and our dreams of Bio-Pop.

Donate now and get a special thank you treat!