News flash from Planet Rump

Things are really starting to heat up here on Planet Rump. Freshly inspired and empowered by our mecca to Burning Man, our proverbial pot of water is on the brink of boiling and will soon be spilling over with tons of new music! We are days away from releasing our new single Daydreams, and soon we’ll be getting back into the studio, recording and mixing our upcoming album due out in early 2012! In the meantime we’ll be shooting the Daydreams music video and remixing tons of jams, delivering them straight to the dancefloor. We also have a few live and DJ gigs lined up (check the right column >> ). So stay tuned, we’re about to serve up some brand-spankin-new funk for that rump!

Perpetual love to our community of artists, musicians, supporters and gurus: we couldn’t do it without you.