Planet Rump DJs in the place to be

What up Rump Nation! The past few months have been sizzling as we continue to pour our hearts, souls and hours into our upcoming album. Each track DJ Tantric produces is doper and fresher than the one before, and taking our time is proving to be the best method for a killer result. With many tracks in the adept hands of Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound, we just have a few more to lay down.

In the meantime, we’ve been keeping up on our DJ game. We just released Planet Rump Radio #7 today: an eclectic booty-poppin mix that’s part NYC underground electro mixtape, part twerk-out mix, part sampler of the latest releases by our favorite major label influences, plus a few bangin remixes thrown in for good measure. So put on your booty shorts, get in front of a full length mirror, crank this mix and warm up to summer! Plus, episodes #1-6 are up on our Soundcloud awaiting your ears, comments, and (free) downloads!

We’ve also been tearing up the NYC party scene with our tag team DJ sets. We helped the party-loving friends and family of B-Reel warp their new NYC offices into the set of MTV’s The Grind circa 1994. We celebrated Chappo’s record release and kicked off their U.S. tour with a basement get-down at Dominion. And coming up, don’t miss DJ Tantric at Sullivan Hall on June 1 with SNAKATAK and Tessa G. and Dynasty Electric!

Photos by Tessa G. / Tiny Baby Giants