The Mugs Shirt Process

Here is a glimpse of the process behind the one-of-a-kind Planet Rump shirts currently being created by Chris Mulligan aka Mugs. After applying paint to a group of shirts, Mugs goes over each shirt individually with black fabric marker to add detail and unique lettering. These shirts are made to order for our Kickstarter backers, and will be sent out along with our completed album within a month! We are getting ever-closer to sharing more than a year’s worth of new music with you, so stay tuned!

One-of-a-kind Planet Rump shirts by Mugs

Here at Rump Headquarters, we are in the midst of putting the final touches on our upcoming 9-track album! The album was made possible by backers on Kickstarter, and as part of their rewards, local artist and long-time buddy Chris Mulligan aka Mugs, is making one-of-a-kind t-shirts. Check out part of his process above. After applying unique paint patterns to each shirt, he goes back over the design with a black marker for the final detailing and type. RAD!

Stay tuned for images of the final products, and the album of course!

From the mystical mind of Chico Mann

We just had the honor of previewing Chico Mann’s upcoming full length album, Magical Thinking, and were blown away by its rich texture and universal appeal. Not that we should be surprised — this dude is a musical shaman, raising us up on his fluffy bed of inspiring harmonics while holding the mirror of true nature to our faces. An inspiration and mentor from day one, we offer mad respect to his majesty.

Check out the single featuring Wax Poetics artist Kendra Morris to start groovin.