Funky Weekend Part 1!

Wowza! The past weekend got so funky that we should probably start spreading the funky news with a funky blog.

So I came back from a trip in Portland Oregon late last Friday Night. I got back home to Ms. Strawberry who was on the phone with Nasty Ness saying that she got us into some Philly-Red Bull Music Academy Event the next afternoon via 215 Magazine- We thought about it for a minute, and jumped on it! Within 8 hours I was movin from the Brooklyn pad to Philly via Chinatown in the sketchiest bus ever.

The Academy was cool-we got to hear from ?uestlove of the Roots who was giving a relaxed interview with the crowd of 40 or so. He was cool to hear from and we appreciated his insights ,though it was clear that his current gig schedule is spreading him thin- more props to him for spreadin the love ! The session was held in Larry Gold’s studio by Philly’s Electric Factory. I don’t know much about Larry Gold, but it looks like he’s done some work producing a lot of RnB and hits.

It was really cool meeting this producer named ‘Chaos’/ “Shish boom bah”- he was working his stuff in the studio and took the time to listen to some of our tracks. It was cool- he was in this NASA-style-orbiting-production-space-console -room with a zillion knobs in it and we had the chance to hear our one-track tape recorded in a dark basement and it sounded good! Everyone was into it and we are thinkin of doin some funky work together with Chaos. That was a huge plus and helped us feel evermore faithful to the funk!

Then we bounced outta the studio to go rock the party in Brooklyn! Such a funky-as-hell-party! We rolled up around 10pm and started rocking some crazy ill funky lovin’ beats! It was Coverboy playin stone cold mackin electro love jams for a couple hours, then I rocked the beats w/ Strawberry & Ness for a hot minute. This was our first party that we listed in Time Out mag and it brought in some funky peeps, including the yellow telletubby! Marcos from Chico Mann/Antibalas came to show some love- we were so happy cuz this guy is funky to the 9’s!

Things got crazy for a hot couple hours and then I spent the morning waking up in my crib with all these people on the couch so I cracked some funky beers into a cow’s horn and we drank till the 3pm brunch- which those of you living in the Brooklyn area may be aware of already 😉

Anyways- this blog may the beginning of something serious…. seriously funky that is!

You are the first to read it so please don’t take it for granted- time capsules don’t live in cyberspace and you are the only messenger.

“Storyteller- Tell us,

Tell a Story–

Of how I love her……”



Planet Rump via DJ Tantric