Nasty Ness does NYC

The freaky one named VANESSA is on the funky mission to the city! For real! The time is now to bring the planet rump planets into alignment for an epic amazingness type adventure journey. This is great because now the funkiness will be rollin around the clock- she will be living with me and Strawberry for a little while as she gets situated. Our apartment is cozy so I will literally be tripping over the funk every step I take. This is the beginning of something very special.

In other news- I came back from my trip to Buffalo to witness a video the girls made in our place and everyone is all messed up and wearing leather pants freestyling over the casio beats in the living room.

Had a quick meet-up with our friend Devon who is this visionary film guy. We are planning out our first music video and all I gotta say is…. cockpits, model space crafts, green-screens, and Bushwick. Bring it to a new dimension!

We also had a really dodgy gig at a dodgy bar in Williamsburg this past Sunday…. I think if our opening act didn’t play guitar, he definitely would have been arrested by now for serial killer related crimes. Given that, it was a tough act to follow. We spent our time slot doing interpretive dance to Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’ then got the hell out of there! What a freakin’ trip. Next time I promise more of us will take off more of our clothes.

With this I leave you…

DJ Tantric a la Planet Rump